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About The Company

Streamlight is a flash light manufacturer that is situated in America founded in 1973. Dozens of countries all around the world are using these products including South Africa.

The lights designed and manufactured by Streamlight are precision engineered and are suited for all types of applications from Fire Services, Police, Outdoor, Military and Automotive industries.

Having started product development and research in the early 1970`s and later expanding in the later 1970`s, the company was moved to their new HQ in Norristown, Pennsylvanie. This was their permanent location until they had to move again due to product line expansion to their present 165,000 square foot location in Eagleville.

The prices of these products are noticeably more expensive than other brands, but it is not without reason. Streamlights products are well known for their high quality construction, ruggedness and reliability. This is proven in the field by many police and military agencies who use the products every single day and trust their lives with them.

All of this is backed by their warranty, leaving you at ease that you are getting one of the the best lights money can buy.

Streamlight products have been hard to come by in South Africa and this is made even worse by the steady decline of the Rand vs. the US Dollar. We try to always keep stock and keep the prices as stable as possible so that South Africans can also benefit from the many pro`s these products have to offer.

And don`t we all know, this being Africa, we really do need the best of the best to stand up to our harsh environments, crime and the general ruggedness of the South African People.

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