[R2,999] Inforce APL [GEN 3] 400 Lumen

Recommended Retail Price: R2,999

Inforce APL Gen 3 400 Lumen Specifications:

Brightness: 400 lumens
Light Modes: Continuous & momentary
Run Time: 90 Minutes
Bulb: LED
Material: Reinforced Polymer
Mounting: Quick Detach, picatinny (1913 rail) or Glock rails.
Weight: 83.6g (with battery)
Bulb: Cree R5 LED
Battery: 1 x CR123A
Manufacturer Website: http://inforce-mil.com/inforce-apl.html
In the same way that a Glock has been designed to be very simple combat pistol, the Inforce APL is also designed to be a very simple combat pistol light.

The Inforce APL has nothing to remember and nothing to forget. to activate the light you simply turn the bezel. To operate the light as momentary on, press and hold the more than half a second and release. To use the light as constant on and off, simply tap the paddle.

The light is also designed to fit all the holsters that fit the TLR-1, M3 and x300 lights. The Inforce APL is very small and light weight, which means it is not going to interrupt the profile of the pistol if you want to conceal the weapon.

The installation of the APL is very simple. The Inforce APL has an integral universal lock bar with two removable Picatinny bars for cross compatibility between Glock rails and Picatinny.

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  1. I have been using this light for over a year, and it is really good. It is bright and the light is a nice clean white color, not dull and yellow. I have really put it through its paces and it holds up well. I`m still using the factory battery over a year later and its still running as bright as the day I bought it. I will be getting an Inforce WML soon for my rifle. I really trust the brand after using the APL for so long now.

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