Red Dot Sights

Why red dot you ask?

For many decades, special operations soldiers and law enforcement have been using red dot sights, and for good reason. Only until recently has the technology been taken advantage of by the civilian market. Red dot sights, also known as holographic or reflex sights, offer many advantages over traditional iron sights. What advantages you ask Well, lets discuss it in more detail.

Eyes on the Target!

We were all taught, whether in the military, the police service or by our dads on our first shooting lesson, that you should strictly focus your eyes on the front sight. This has been a problem for many people as the target becomes blurred and makes shot placement, hmmmmmm, not so easy...

With a red dot sight, your eye is merely picking up a red dot reflection on a piece of glass that is shaped in the curve with the exact concave that the reflection will always be parallel to the bore of the rifle it is attached to. You simply look through this reflection, focus on your target, and squeeeze...

This has obvious benefits over traditional iron sights, hell, even over traditional rifle scopes if you are shooting short to medium ranges.

Situational Awareness.

Shooting with both eyes open gives you an awareness that could mean the difference between winning or loosing (a shooting match, or your life, you decide).

A red dot sight allows you to do just that with absolutely no "double vision". The sight is only picked up by the dominant eye and the image is overlapped and "rendered" in your brain as a simple and easy to detect red dot.


The fact that sight alignment is not required, means you you save time. As soon as you pick up the red dot anywhere on the lens, place it on the target and engage.

Low Light Shooting?

Red dots are the tool of the trade for low light operations. With most modern red dot sights, you have an adjustable brightness setting so you can have the red dot visible, but dim enough to keep your eye`s low light adaptation uncompromised. This increases your situational awareness at night and will make you confident in where and what you are shooting at, even at night.

Unless you are using tritium inserts in your iron sights, a red dot is an absolute must.