Kydex Holsters

NOTICE: Manufacturing of custom Kydex holsters is temporarily halted. Please check back soon or browse through existing products below.

Please make sure that you check our LEED TIME on the bottom of the page before placing an order. Our holsters are hand made, per order and in order to maintain our quality and good workmanship we have to enforce lead times. Avoid last minute orders! We do not want to compromise the quality of our products by rushing.

We offer a lifetime repair warranty on all of our products, here are our conditions:

Please make sure you return the package label or invoice to us with the defective product.

The warranty only applies to breakage or failure of our products under normal use. We will not make repairs to products that have been tampered with or purposely modified. We also cannot repair nor replace a product that has been damaged due to negligence. ie:left in the sun or exposed to extreme heat

Shipping for repairs will be to the buyers account. We ask that the buyer be responsible for shipping the item to us for repair, and we will take care of the shipping back to you via post office only, unless arranged otherwise at customers expense.

It is up to us after evaluation whether we will repair or replace the damaged product. Case by case basis.

How to Look After Your Kydex Products:

Kydex is a thermoplastic, which means it is heat formed. While it is very resistant to the elements, please make sure that it is not left exposed to extreme heat. for example, do not leave it lying around in the sun and do not wash it in your dishwasher!

Our holsters and mag carriers use screws to keep the belt loops nice and tight. Naturally, screws do come loose and it is important to make sure they are tight regularly. Always remember to maintain your life saving kit. We recommend that you use a thread-locker or similar product to keep your screws from undoing.

We use only the best quality materials, but rust is a real bugger nonetheless. Be sure to wipe the holster down after a rainy range session to avoid rust. A spray and wipe of oil over the eyelets and screws is never a bad idea either.

Hand wash your holsters only, Kydex is not dishwasher safe and they will deform severely and void your warranty.