Shooting, Safari and Outdoor Products for 2017

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2016 has been an exciting year for hunters, safari and outdoor enthusiasts, and with the 2016 SHOT show in the United States late in the year, we are all waiting in anticipation for all the new products they were exhibited there.

Yes, being in South Africa, we get to enjoy our lovely weather, friendly people and interesting politics (LOL), but we are constantly teased online by all the latest releases in the US knowing we wont be seeing them for at least 6 months!

So, without further adue, here are the most anticipated shooting, safari and outdoor products for the year 2017!

5) Sig Sauer Kilo 2400 ABS Laser Range Finder

Shooting, Safari and Outdoor Products for 2017

Range Finders are notoriously expensive, but this is soon to change with the advancement of technology and manufacturing techniques. Sig Sauer has come to the party as they enter other markets other than just firearms. They now make holsters, red dot sights, and now, range finders.

The Sig Sauer Kilo 2500 ABS comes with built in atmospheric sensors and even a calculator ideal for long range shooting applications. Your able to setup ballistic profiles. It has a scan mode enabling you to get a reading every quarter second giving you almost real-time accuracy for those rapid and dynamic shooting situations.

The Kilo 2400 has said to be able to read unlimited distance in theory but with this product being new to the market, we are not yet convinced.

With applications in every shooting discipline, this range finder is a must have for every shooting, outdoor and safari enthusiast.

4) Flir Scout TK Thermal Vision Monocular

Thermal night vision is incredibly useful in shooting, safari and outdoor scenarios. If you`ve ever taken one on a game drive before, you`ll know how much you are missing. The number of animals hiding in the dark will shock you every time!

While shooting through thermal night vision is never advised as it makes target ID very difficult. But thermal night vision has proven very efficient at spotting animals quickly at night, making your track much easier. As a matter of fact, these things are so sensitive, you can even spot heat trace of where animal have been laying up to an hour after they have relocated! 

With all this in mind, I am sure you can imagine the possibilities in using this for personal security. This is especially so if you live on a farm or small holding. Hiding your thermal signature is near impossible, this is widely taken advantage of by police and military and has led to many successful arrests and engagements.

The Flir Scout was previously only available to law enforcement and military, but in now widely available to the civilian market. Now you can take advantage of technology once only available to the troops! Making this the must have thermal night vision device for hunting, safari an outdoor fans.

3) IWI Tavor X95

Shooting, Safari and Outdoor Products for 2017

If you have been in the market for a semi automatic bullpup rifle, you`re in luck! The IWI Tavor has proven itself in combat with the IDF and they are officially swapping out their M4 variant rifles for Tavor.

Other than actual combat proven effectiveness, the bullpup design itself has proven itself very effective. By moving the action of the rifle to the rear, you can extend the barrel of the rifle by keeping it short enough to use as a cabine.

The Tavor measures about the same as a 14.5 inch M4 Carbine, but boasts the extra velocity that its 18 inch barrel can produce. 

In addition to that, the rifle is much better balanced and becomes incredibly to use for longer hours and manipulation, moving with the rifle and storage all becomes a luxury that you`ll never want to be without again.

The Tavor is the rifle of the year according to us, a must have addition to your collection for shooters, safari and outdoors enthusiasts.

2) SilencerCo Maxim 9

Shooting, Safari and Outdoor Products for 2017

This is officially the first infernally suppressed handgun. SiencerCO is well known for their advances in silencer technology and they now have produced their very own silenced handgun.

There is not much to say about it other than thats its absolutely awesome. Yes is weird looking, but so was the M16 in the 60`s. It`ll grow on you  ;)

Should you turn in that old CZ75 for this? Maybe not, but if you are a shooting, safari and outdoor enthusiast, this is something you must have.


Shooting, Safari and Outdoor Products for 2017
So Vortex Optics has been wow-ing us for the past few years with their awesome products and ridiculously awesome warranty. Now they bring us their own versions of the EOTECH! The Razor AMG UH-1!

It has shatter proof windows, and all sensitive components are built into the base of the sight, making it incredibly robust.

It has a 1MOA red dot and 1/2MOA adjustment increments making it a sharp clear sight that is easily adjusted. It attached to any picatinny with its built in quick release system and the reticle has 15 brightness levels for any light condition.
Shooting, Safari and Outdoor Products for 2017

It comes with a rechargable battery and a USB port for easy charging. 

At  R13 999, lower than other sights in the same class, this is sight you cannot ignore.

That`s it for the 2017 Shooting, Hunting, Safari and Outdoor equipment feature.

We hope you found this useful and feel free to let us know what we should have added to the list!

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