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[REVIEWED] Streamlight TLR-1s


Brightness: 300 lumens
Light Modes: Continuous, momentary, strobe
Run Time: 2.5 hours
Bulb: LED
Material: Mil-Spec anodized aluminium in black
Mounting: Quick Detach, picatinny (1913 rail) or Glock rails.
The Streamlight TLR-1s is shock resistant and provides 50,000 hours of life time. It has a 2.5 hour run time and iswaterproof to 1 meter for 30min. The switches are completely ambidextrous and provide continuous on, momentary on and strobe modes.

It is light weight and remote switches are available as optional extras.

The light is powered by 2 CR123A lithium batteries and will have a 10 year storage life. The LED light emmits a 300 lumen beam of white light and its parabolic reflector concentrates light to a hot spot and provides more than adequateperipheral lighting.

The Streamlight TLR-1s mounts straight onto handguns with Glock-style rails & all pistols with Picatinny rails.

Keys for Glock-style rails, Beretta 90tworails, Picatinny type rails, Smith&Wesson TSW as well as Smith&Wesson 99 are included with the contents.

[REVIEWED] Inforce APL [GEN 3] 400 Lumen


Brightness: 400 lumens
Light Modes: Continuous & momentary
Run Time: 90 Minutes
Bulb: LED
Material: Reinforced Polymer
Mounting: Quick Detach, picatinny (1913 rail) or Glock rails.
Weight: 83.6g (with battery)
Bulb: Cree R5 LED
Battery: 1 x CR123A
Manufacturer Website:
In the same way that a Glock has been designed to be very simple combat pistol, the Inforce APL is also designed to be a very simple combat pistol light.

The Inforce APL has nothing to remember and nothing to forget. to activate the light you simply turn the bezel. To operate the light as momentary on, press and hold the more than half a second and release. To use the light as constant on and off, simply tap the paddle.

The light is also designed to fit all the holsters that fit the TLR-1, M3 and x300 lights. The Inforce APL is very small and light weight, which means it is not going to interrupt the profile of the pistol if you want to conceal the weapon.

The installation of the APL is very simple. The Inforce APL has an integral universal lock bar with two removable Picatinny bars for cross compatibility between Glock rails and Picatinny.

[REVIEWED] Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot Sight


The Bushnell First Strike is definitely small. It’s less than 5cm`s. It’s abo

ut 3.2cm wide, and it’s about 3.8cm tall. It weighs a mere 60 grams with the protective hood and the battery installed. Since the First Strike is designed to mount on any Picatinny rail, and it is shock proof, even mounting on this light on a pistols slide would not be a problem. The First Strike’s red dot is 5 MOA. This makes it easy to pick up the dot in the lens, and it’s not so large as to hinder shooting at long distance.


Adjusting the windage and elevation to move the point of impact, is easy. The First Strike comes with an allen key that is flat on one end, to do this. Even though the setting indicators are at 6 MOA, the actual adjustment is non-clicking, giving you complete flexibility to fine-tune the point of impact. The total range of adjustment is 240 MOA.


The one power lens on the First Strike is slightly under 1 inch wide, by 3/4 inch tall. The lens is single layer, so it can’t fog up on the inside. It is multi-coated to minimize or eliminate glare and reflection. Plus, the First Strike is wate

rproof to protect the internal components. The First Strike reflex red dot does not have an on-off switch. Power for the battery to the LED is controlled by a photo cell in the front. When the protective hood is installed, this blocks the light to the photo shell, and the power is almost completely cut off to the LED. When the hood is removed, the amount of light picked up by the photo shell, automatically emulates the brightness of the LED. In low light, the red dot becomes dimmer, so the view through the lens is not obscured. In bright light, the red dot is brighter, making it easy to see.


This low power consumption design gives the First Strike an extended battery life, measured in days, not hours. Bushnell estimates a new, fresh battery will continuously power the LED for just under two days in bright light, 25 days in room light, and nearly 15 months with the photo shell covered.


It is well suited for mounting on any AR platform rifle, pistol or a tactical shotgun. The First Strike comes with a hex wrench for the mounting. You get the hex wrench for the battery compartment access and site adjustment, a cleaning cloth, an instruction manual, a protective cover, and a battery that’s already installed.


For handguns, shotguns or rifles, this compact model comes fully waterproof and shockproof, with self-regulating brightness. Integrated mount included.

  • 5 MOA
  • Matte finish
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Self regulating brightness
  • Integrated mount
  • 100% waterproof/fogproof/shockproof construction
  • CR2032 battery

[REVIEWED] ATN X Sight HD 5-18

Optical vs. Digital Sight

The ATN X Sight is really smart. This is actually a day and night scope and it’s digital, it’s weatherproof, and shockproof. You can take it out in the field and feel comfortable knowing it is going to survive. The ATN X sight is digital, so instead of looking through the sight light you would with an optic, you look at a 800×600 pixel screen much like you would with a conventional video camera, this also provides a true parallax free view, and a very forgiving eye relief.

ATN X Sight Features

Those are just a few of the features. First, it comes in 2 different styles, a 3×12 and a 5×18 and both have the same exact technology and features. This is the ATN X Sight 5-18x.

The ATN X Sight has so many features that it’s hard to pick your favorites. One of them is the wifi connectivity which will allow you to link your X-sight up to either your iPhone or your Android.

There’s an app, for the ATN X Sight and you’ve got wifi built into the X-sight so you can fully control all the features of the ATN X Sight remotely through your phone. Whether you want to change the reticle, switch between modes or just watch your mate shoot in real time, all of this can be one remotely via your apple or android.

You can control everything on the ATN X Sight straight from your Apple or Android device. Features like brightness, changing it from day to night, even changing the color of your reticle. Anything that you can do on the ATN X-sight you can do through the App.

It’s very cool for me to be able to see on the smart phone exactly what you buddy is seeing through the scope in real time.


Another great feature is the geotagging. If you like to go back after the hunt and see exactly where you were on a real map, this is the device for you.

Now, we know all of this sounds really, really complicated but it is not. It is so simple to turn ATN X Sight on and navigate through all the wonderful features, anybody can do it.
Now, when you first receive your X-sight, the first thing you’re going to want to do is make sure that your firmware upgrade is up to date because ATN is adding new features each and every day.

You can actually do that through the app on your phone.

ATN X Sight Video Recording

To record your videos you’re going to need a micro SD card and we highly recommend getting a 32 gigs so you can capture all of your moments with out having to delete video all the time.

The other really cool thing, you can record in 1080p anything you see through the scope in real time. If you make a perfect shot on an animal, you can take it home and show your friends and family. When you’re in the field and you decide you want to record something, it’s literally one click of one button and you’re recording.

ATN X Sight Batteries

The third thing, the ATN X Sight uses AA batteries and we highly recommend you get lithium batteries because they’ll last a really long time.

[REVIEWED] IG Tactical Range Bag

Features elastic webbing to secure tools, medical supplies, ammunition etc.
The entire range bag is constructed of 44gr/m2 ripstop canvas making the pack resistant to rain penetration.

All zips on this range bag are YKK with a lifetime guarantee and feature paracord zip silencers. All straps and webbing are made of very high quality pebble weave and are anti fray weaved. Zips have rain covers to prevent rain penetration through the zips of the range bag. Buckles are injection molded virgin plastic giving you the best quality possible.

The removable inner compartment of the range bag can be used as a separate carry bag using the main bags carry strap.

All stitched connections are bar-tacked for reinforcement and better quality construction, giving your assault pack a longer lifespan than traditional stitching. In addition all edges of canvas are taped and binded that will stop fraying and increasing the life span of the IG Tactical Range Bag.

This bag could easily carry a set of warmers for a family of 2. Extra compartments can be used for rations, ammunition, medical aid water and other supplies. A wise man would have one of these in his garage with everything you will need to sustain your family for a few days in case the shit hits the fan. (Personally, I have one in my garage with spare magazines, space for extra ammo, basic 3 days worth of rations for me and my fiance and 3 dogs. Warm jackets, spare socks, medical aid and a few other bits and bobs)RANGE BAG
If you are a sport shooter, or regular range goer, YOU WILL LOVE THIS BAG! I guarantee it! It has room for everything, and the nice rigid construction wont collapse on itself when empty. Keep your optics dry and safe when not in use. Ammunition is allowed for and your spare pistol has its own comfy little sleeve. Essential medical aid can easily be arranged in one of the side compartments using the integrated elastic webbing.CAMPING
Yes, we all love camping, and this range bag is absolutely perfectly suited. Honestly if I had enough money I`d have one of these for each purpose. Torches, electrical stuff, phone chargers, toiletries. Throw away all your other camping bags because this one does it all.

[REVIEWED] Inforce APLc [GEN 3] 200 Lumens


  • Brightness: 200 lumens
  • Light Modes: Continuous & momentary
  • Run Time: 90 Minutes
  • Bulb: LED
  • Material: Reinforced Polymer
  • Bulb: Cree R5 LED
  • Manufacturer Website:

In the same way that a Glock has been designed to be very simple combat pistol, the Inforce APL is also designed to be a very simple combat pistol light.

The Inforce APL has nothing to remember and nothing to forget. to activate the light you simply turn the bezel. To operate the light as momentary on, press and hold the more than half a second and release. To use the light as constant on and off, simply tap the paddle.

The light is also designed to fit all the holsters that fit the TLR-1, M3 and x300 lights. The Inforce APL is very small and light weight, which means it is not going to interrupt the profile of the pistol if you want to conceal the weapon.

The installation of the APL is very simple. The Inforce APL has an integral universal lock bar with two removable Picatinny bars for cross compatibility between Glock rails and Picatinny.

[REVIEWED] 3M™ Peltor™ SportTac™

The 3M™ PELTOR™ SportTac™ is an incredibly intelligent active electronic hearing protection headset that was especially developed for hunters and shooters alike. The smooth adjustment of the hearing protector’ level dependent function gives the user particularly pleasant sound reproduction and less interference. The electronics respond at lightning speed and protect the user’s hearing from loud impulse noises. Interchangeable covers makes it easy to change colour and there are olive green and safety orange coloured covers included. This head set is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature and the collapsible headband allows for easy storage. This electronic hearing protection headset also has an audio input jack for external radio integration and it has an operating time of around 600 hours.

Batteries included.


  • Attenuation rating (HML)‎ ‎ H=29 M=23 L=16
  • Attenuation rating (SNR)‎ ‎ 26 Decibel
  • Battery Life‎: ‎ 600 Hours
  • Colour‎: ‎ Green (Comes with Safety Orange interchangable covers)
  • Communication Type:‎ ‎ Level Dependent,‎ External Audio Input
  • Connection Type‎: ‎ J22 Audio Input
  • Features:‎ ‎ Level Dependent Function
  • Hearing Protection Style‎: ‎ Foldable/Over the head
  • Net Weight:‎ ‎ 318 g
  • Product Series‎: ‎ SportTac
  • Product Type:‎ ‎ Communications Headsets
  • Standards/Approvals:‎ ‎ CE Approved
  • User Type:‎ ‎ Motorsport,‎ Military & Police,‎ Hunting & Shooting,‎ Industry

[REVIEWED] Vortex Viper PST 6-24×50

Features of the Viper PST 6-24×50 Vortex Scopes

Let’s talk about some of the basic features of this riflescope. Vortex Scopes have been making scopes for quite along now and they’re really getting a foothold in the market, and for good reasons. It’s a high quality scope, easy to use, good lenses, and a really nice turret system. Overall, one couldn’t be happier with them. Let’s take a look at some of the options and some of the features of this optic.

Viper PST 6-24×50 Glass Quality
They feature the XD, extra-low dispersion glass. Now, this basically increases the resolution and gives you better colors on the scope. You get really nice crisp, clear images with this. They do their XR fully-coated glass. That’s another coating that increases your light transmission, so you have a very bright piece of glass. It’s really nice because this glass, when you have it outside and looking through it, you have great clarity, great resolution, definition, and good vibrant realistic colors.

The scope is also fully argon gas purged. The nice thing about argon is that it’s a very large molecule. It doesn’t seep through the O-rings. This is a very fog-proof piece of glass. I really like it. In conjunction with the argon gas purging, it’s also shock-proof. You don’t have to worry about banging it or bumping around, it’s going to handle it.

Construction wise, it’s a solid one-piece 30-mm tube that gives you greater exit light, greater range of adjustment for your turrets, and overall 30-mil tubes are taken over the mark. Scope is finished with a hard anodized matte finish. It’s got a nice, this is very scratch-resistant. As for the reticle goes, it is …

Variable Power Adjustments

One of the features I like most about the scope is the power adjustment ring. You’re provided with a little piece of fiber-optic light pipe that tells you the angle towards your power magnification, what power of your setting you are on. This is really nice when you’re down behind the gun because it’s easy to see.

Being a first focal plane optic, the reticle is going to change size in relation to the powers. That way your reticle relation to the real world and subtension relation is always going to be the same. You can do your ranging at any magnification. Another nice feature.

The turrets feature a good solid positive feel and an audible click. It also comes with a CRS Zero Stop where you can take the top turret off and add several shims that’ll give you your actual Zero Stop.

Another nice feature of this rifle scope is the parallax adjustment. You can really fine-tune exactly what you’re seeing. It gives you the best image quality and it allows you to adjust for parallax.

This Vortex Scope is mounted to a Remington model 700 SPS The scope is attached to the rifle with 30mm rings and an EGW 20 MOA aluminum base. This setup works very very well.

Inside the box of the Viper PST, you’re going to receive a nice Vortex lens cloth, the bikini style lens covers. Zero Stop shims, and of course a full instruction manual, really good setup.

The PST series covers many rifle scopes from Vortex. They also make this Vortex scope in a 4 to 16 model and an excellent 1 to 5 model for the AR platforms. The rifle scopes are available in either MilRad or MOA based reticles and turrets.

That is one thing you will really do like, is the fact that they matched the turrets to the reticles. You always know, whenever you’re milling inside, your adjustment is equal outside on the turret. As far as durability goes, these scopes have been excellent. We have seen these scopes being used on 338 Lapua and thier owners were very very pleased with the durability of the Vortex scopes.

You do have Vortex’s unlimited, unconditional lifetime warranty. It doesn’t matter what you do to it or how you break it, they’ll either fix it or replace it. As simple as that. For the budget-minded long-range or a precision shooter, hunter or tactical shooter, this could be an excellent option for you.

[REVIEWED] Streamlight

About The Company

Streamlight is a flash light manufacturer that is situated in America founded in 1973. Dozens of countries all around the world are using these products including South Africa.

The lights designed and manufactured by Streamlight are precision engineered and are suited for all types of applications from Fire Services, Police, Outdoor, Military and Automotive industries.

Having started product development and research in the early 1970`s and later expanding in the later 1970`s, the company was moved to their new HQ in Norristown, Pennsylvanie. This was their permanent location until they had to move again due to product line expansion to their present 165,000 square foot location in Eagleville.

The prices of these products are noticeably more expensive than other brands, but it is not without reason. Streamlights products are well known for their high quality construction, ruggedness and reliability. This is proven in the field by many police and military agencies who use the products every single day and trust their lives with them.

All of this is backed by their warranty, leaving you at ease that you are getting one of the the best lights money can buy.

Streamlight products have been hard to come by in South Africa and this is made even worse by the steady decline of the Rand vs. the US Dollar. We try to always keep stock and keep the prices as stable as possible so that South Africans can also benefit from the many pro`s these products have to offer.

And don`t we all know, this being Africa, we really do need the best of the best to stand up to our harsh environments, crime and the general ruggedness of the South African People.