[R14,999] ATN X Sight HD 5-18

Recommended Retail Price: R14,999

Optical vs. Digital Sight

The ATN X Sight is really smart. This is actually a day and night scope and it’s digital, it’s weatherproof, and shockproof. You can take it out in the field and feel comfortable knowing it is going to survive. The ATN X sight is digital, so instead of looking through the sight light you would with an optic, you look at a 800×600 pixel screen much like you would with a conventional video camera, this also provides a true parallax free view, and a very forgiving eye relief.

ATN X Sight Features

Those are just a few of the features. First, it comes in 2 different styles, a 3×12 and a 5×18 and both have the same exact technology and features. This is the ATN X Sight 5-18x.

The ATN X Sight has so many features that it’s hard to pick your favorites. One of them is the wifi connectivity which will allow you to link your X-sight up to either your iPhone or your Android.

There’s an app, for the ATN X Sight and you’ve got wifi built into the X-sight so you can fully control all the features of the ATN X Sight remotely through your phone. Whether you want to change the reticle, switch between modes or just watch your mate shoot in real time, all of this can be one remotely via your apple or android.

You can control everything on the ATN X Sight straight from your Apple or Android device. Features like brightness, changing it from day to night, even changing the color of your reticle. Anything that you can do on the ATN X-sight you can do through the App.

It’s very cool for me to be able to see on the smart phone exactly what you buddy is seeing through the scope in real time.


Another great feature is the geotagging. If you like to go back after the hunt and see exactly where you were on a real map, this is the device for you.

Now, we know all of this sounds really, really complicated but it is not. It is so simple to turn ATN X Sight on and navigate through all the wonderful features, anybody can do it.
Now, when you first receive your X-sight, the first thing you’re going to want to do is make sure that your firmware upgrade is up to date because ATN is adding new features each and every day.

You can actually do that through the app on your phone.

ATN X Sight Video Recording

To record your videos you’re going to need a micro SD card and we highly recommend getting a 32 gigs so you can capture all of your moments with out having to delete video all the time.

The other really cool thing, you can record in 1080p anything you see through the scope in real time. If you make a perfect shot on an animal, you can take it home and show your friends and family. When you’re in the field and you decide you want to record something, it’s literally one click of one button and you’re recording.

ATN X Sight Batteries

The third thing, the ATN X Sight uses AA batteries and we highly recommend you get lithium batteries because they’ll last a really long time.

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